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     Staffing Services

At SkeinsGroup we recognize staffing is a critical aspect to our partners' success aligning the right person for the job. The SkeinsGroup staff augmentation should not only have the knowledge level but should be an extension of your company and recognize it as a privilege and responsibility that should be honored.

Fields of Expertise:


Tier 1 - Internet Services Provider 

Agriculture & Energy

Computer & Technology




U.S. Federal Government

State and County Government

Focused staffing levels to meet our partners' requirements:
  • Associate: This staffing level performs at the described position level (Base).

  • Senior: This position is the next level up and provides technical leadership in the base Labor Category description while also develops practical and workable solutions to clients’ technical and business problems. The staff member can also provide analyzes requirements and potential solutions for technical and economic feasibility. Independent and capable of working the phases of a complex technical project. The staff member will work with the client personnel to resolve technical and or business issues and ensure the success of delivery of the project requirements. This position may be required by the client to act as a technical supervisory role. This position has five more years of experience over the Associate level.

  • Master: This position provides technical leadership above the Senior level. Leadership can support all phase of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The position may have a higher level of experience or expertise in a focused request by the client. The staff member has knowledge of multiple technical disciplines, business management practices to develop technical and or business solutions to the client problems. They also can assist the client in planning and developing objectives and goals. They will support client operating practices and make recommendations on how the objectives conform. This position has a requirement of three additional years of experience over the Senor Level.

  • SME (Subject Matter Expert): This position is recognized as technical expert in the labor category description. This is the highest level of the position and will be a contributor in the technical area. The staff member utilizes expertise in business management practices, industry requirements and information technology disciplines to develop technical and or business solutions to the clients’ problems or issues. The staff member has the highest level of diverse technical and industry experience related to a specific skillset. The staff member must have the Master Level with aditional education and training and or certifications with advance degree or significant equivalent experience requirments.




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